A game drop for the fastest gamers

Verizon was launching "Fios Instant Internet" –a superfast internet 20x faster than the average. Internet speeds that fast aren't just for anyone. The people that put it to use are the gamers. We needed a tailor-made campaign for the gaming community who spent their time on the consoles and not on traditional media outlets. 

To grab their attention, we partnered with Xbox and Halo the year's most anticipated game. 

We created a portal on the home screen of Xbox, right in front of everybody's eyes. And 24 hours before the official release time, we dropped the game for free. The catch, the portal was only open for seconds before it closed.

Clues about the drop and when the portal was open were spread through social media and the gaming communities by pro Esport players. Gamers who acted fast got awarded a free copy of the game.

And the fastest gamers won a chance to go up on a 1v1 battle the same night against a pro-Halo player.


The competition was broadcasted live to the entire gaming community on Twitch.



 No.1 trending NYC

80% of the Xbox gaming community  reached

600% Increaced in mentions

Sincerely Yours, Daniel ·Sincerely Yours, Daniel ·Sincerely Yours, Daniel ·